Safety Resources

SCS affiliated departments and LAS

Responsibility Guidelines for
Research Group Safety Representive

  1. Serve as a liaison between PI, group members, SCS Safety Personnel, and other offices.
    Distribute information from SCS Safety Personnel, DRS, F&S, etc. to group members, as well as bringing questions, concerns and suggestions from group members to these persons/groups.
  2. Attend meetings with other Research Group Safety Representatives and SCS Safety Personnel.
    Meetings include discussion of safety information, policies, and concerns.
  3. Assist in departmental and campus based safety training programs.
    Relay information to group members about specific hazards, emergency procedures, routes of egress, access to Material Safety Data Sheets, location and use of safety equipment, etc.
  4. Assist in safety inspection of research group labs, distribute inspection results, and coordinate the abatement of safety violations.
    Provide direction and/or assistance to group members to correct safety violations.
  5. Maintain group safety information file and location(s) for group safety supplies.
    Safety file should include safety references for group specific hazards and work practices, accident report forms, reference materials, SCS Chemical Hygiene Plan, and other safety information as appropriate. Group safety supplies should include first aid supplies, visitor safety glasses, and other equipment that is intended for group use rather than individual use.
  6. Assist PI and SCS Safety Personnel in contingency planning for safety aspects of emergency and non-emergency situations.
    These situations include, but are not limited to, power outages (planned and unplanned), lab departures for emergencies such as tornado warnings, fire evacuations, chemical spills, etc.
  7. Oversee and coordinate general safety and housekeeping practices for group laboratories.
    This includes but is not limited to maintaining waste disposal information and records, managing disposal of special wastes, sharps, bio-waste, high hazard wastes, etc., and ensuring an overall clean and well-kept appearance to the group laboratories.